-such a vivid blue felt button piece trimmed with a grey & black curled Lady Amherst feather and finished with a vintage stud in the centre of a pleated petersham ribbon bow. This hat is securely held on the head with hat elastic. A hand made piece - total elegance!

  • a stunning ivory abstract headpiece with fingers of flame draping to the side and knotted biot 'stars' clustered at the back. This would be a show stopper at the races.

- a stunning silk abaca headpiece suitable for any Ladies Day at the races. Jade and teal abaca on a black sinamay button base trimmed with silver beads.


- An elegant navy parasisal straw headpiece. Freeform shape onto a button base with centre piece of silver and diamante in the front. The back view has a surprise cluster of spiky navy knotted feathers. Held securely on the head with hat elastic. A light and simple design to wear for weddings, garden parties or Ladies Day event.

- A dark forest green button hat in wool felt. The trim has an unusual gold edging to the tall leaf and surrounded by felt leaves. Held on the head securely with hat elastic. Such an unusual winter cocktail hat or it will just add finesse to that winter outfit for Cheltenham races.

-A wide brimmed hat with pale pink crin on top and pale blue underneath. Wonderfully delicate with unusual lace daisy motifs and random threads trapped between the layers (crinolation). The femininity is enhanced with the pink organza bow against the black velvet shallow button crown. A most unusual headpiece ready fro a summer wedding or the races.


- Such a pretty pink oval pillbox in the finest of parasisal straw. This piece is trimmed with a soft, delicate, pink peony and velvet leaves. A light wine coloured veiling 'scrunch' adds height to the back of the flower. This is securely held on the head with hat elastic. A hand made unique piece from HATS by Emelle.

- An attractive deep tear drop percher in gun metal grey and pale coral sinamay mix for the base. The pale coral double silk rose matches the inner layer of sinamay in the base. This percher is best worn well forward on the right side of the head as in the second picture. It is held in place securely with hat elastic.

This bronze oval pillbox is trimmed with a vintage gold/bronze flower & 2 curled burnt pheasant feathers. It provides an attractive yet modest headpiece suitable for a wedding guest or Autumn races. It is held securely in place, well forward on the head, by hat elastic.


- (Sorry - SOLD) a most unusual sculptured sinamay headpiece to stand out at any race day event or special occasion. The coral and light bronze colour scheme echoes top colours of 2019. Enjoy being 'different' wearing a stunning unique design fashion piece.

- A delightful fresh, summery look from this headpiece in ivory pleated crin trimmed with white peacock feathers and a spray of flowers. A stunning and attractive headpiece for a day out at Royal Ascot.

(Sorry - SOLD) A delightful and pretty feminine hatinator in the palest of pinks. Made in sinamay with trim of rolled edge loops, coque feathers and a beautiful vintage flower as centre piece , this hatinator shouts spring/summer weddings. Most suitable for mothers of bride or groom.


  • (sorry SOLD) A kingfisher blue/green free form sinamay headpiece with yellow and black trim. Ideal to stand out in the Races or as a wedding guest. Held in place by hat elastic and a one-off design.

A black fur felt oval pillbox hat with sequined merry widow veiling. This unusual headpiece is topped with a large faux patent leather bow. This is held securely in place with hat elastic.

- a coral coloured sinamay button hat trimmed with champagne flower and feathers & a curled quill set in coral and gold cobweb veiling. This is held on the head with hat elastic and the piece is fully lined.


A superb quality fur felt oval pillbox hat in bright purple. This striking headpiece is trimmed with multicoloured feather flowers. The longer, delicate coq feathers add movement as they spring forward over the crown and a 'scrunch' of black veiling adds more height at the back. This piece is held firmly on the head by hat elastic which can be well hidden under hair. It is fully lined and is designed to wear centrally placed on the top of the head. Suitable for winter or spring weddings or race days.

A unique design button headpiece with high black and white coque feather trim surrounded by black beaded clusters. An ideal piece to stand out and be 'upstanding' at any Ladies Day and racing fashion event.

A striking black sinamay button hat overlaid with black and white lace and trimmed with bright yellow silk abaca. This headpiece will lift any dull day and announce your presence at the races or as a wedding guest. Handmade and held in place with hat elastic.


Such a pretty modern twist on a 50s half hat trimmed with yellow daisies dangling to the left side A touch of spring time and romance.

A perfect little button hat in pale blue fur felt. It's name says it all! Held in place by hat elastic and fully lined in black habotai silk.

Worn on a brunette.

(Sorry - SOLD) Ivory silk abaca drapes around a centralcluster of ombre knotted feathers. This head piece stands proud and is another unique design from HATS by Emelle. The rear view shows a 'daisy' chain of knotted feathers defining the swirls of the abaca. The headpiece sits securely on a sinamay base and is held firmly on the head by hat elastic.


- a cute small navy button hat trimmed with a faux fur pompom. The pompom is removable and interchangeable for a different colour because it 'poppers' on. Shown here with a pale silver grey pompom it comes with a choice of two colours - the palest of pink looks particularly feminine, or try a vivid red!

- A stunning and smart button hat in vibrant blue. The hand blocked headpiece is made from fosshape, wired and covered in a striking blue, white and black print pattern cotton fabric. Bright blue silk abaca bows add a lustrous dressing to add height and beauty. The button hat is fully lined in black silk and is held securely on the head with hat elastic.

An excellent quality fur felt oval pillbox hat in wine colour. The dark red velvet rose is positioned towards the back on the side. The hat has been made to be worn on the top of the head slightly to the right thus placing the rose on the top but it could also be worn on the left of the head. It is fully lined in habotai silk and held firmly in place with hat elastic. A most elegant headpiece.


An elegant side angled tear drop style percher in honey beige wool felt. Hand blocked and stitched with an overlay of brown veiling. This piece is held securely in place with hat elastic.

- a free form felt headpiece in dark green edged in vintage braid and trimmed with wired pearls and vintage motifs. Held in place with hat elastic. A comfortable to wear and attractive, unusual hat.

- an example of a lovely hatinator worn well to the side of the head and securely fixed on a headband. This creation is in ivory sinamay with mixed neutral shades added as sinamay loops, coque and biot feathers for the trim. Similar hatinators can be made in any colour to compliment an outfit.


An attractive deep red vintage look felt cocktail hat. This button hat s held securely in place with hat elastic, either on the right or left of the head. The felt leaves as trim support an antique look metal embellishment.

- Silk abaca in its glorious sheen adds a freshness to this headpiece in turquoise and navy sitting on an ivory and silver base bow. The simple addition of the conical shell provides an unusual centrepiece. The bows sit on an ivory sinamay base and it is held securely on the head with hat elastic.

A unique design hat featuring an overall line of a traditional Vietnamese coolie hat in shape. The whole creation depicts the life cycle of the rice plant. The central sinamay button is covered in silk abaca in the colours of rice growth. Above is a cone top, representing the shape of Vietnamese temples, supported by painted cane. It is covered in two different mixtures of gilding flakes depicting rain clouds and golden sun. Various vertical strands mimic rain from the cloudy sky above the darker green field and sun rays above the golden field. Beneath the button is a deep brim in open weave lattice sinamay, edged with fallen golden rice grains. Wear the hat forward as visibility remains good through the lattice sinamay.

This hat has been part of the Cupola International Hat Designers Exhibition during London Hat Week


A delightful sinamay button headpiece trimmed with pink winter blossoms and rolled sinamay leaves. The button base has blue blocked over pink sinamay to give the overall effect of heather colour. This is a one-off, unique handmade headpiece.

This pretty piece is fully lined and held securely on the head with hat elastic. Suitable for Spring or Summer weddings, races and garden parties.

- be feminine and frivolous! Wisps of ostrich feather add continual gentle movement to this beautiful feather fascinator. A smaller headpiece so convenient to pack when travelling away for a wedding. It is mounted securely on a head band or comb. Can be made in other colour combinations.

A rich peacock coloured, soft velveteen fabric headpiece trimmed with pearl and jade beads in between the undulating folds of draped fabric. This piece is comfortable to wear with a comb fixing. Can also be supplied with a small black ostrich feather mounted at an angle on the top right. A handmade new head-piece yet vintage style.


- A touch of spring and summer to come. This pretty ivory boater is trimmed with sprays of pink sweet peas and grey and pink organza ruffles. The hat is held firmly on the head with hat elastic.

- This striking pillbox hat in an amber yellow and black diamond patterned fabric will add style to any outfit. The pillbox is hand blocked buckram covered with fabric and fully lined in black habotai silk. It is dressed with a large 6” diameter black hand crafted silk flower with interesting yellow twirls at the centre. There are 3 black diamond cut feathers continuing the theme of the fabric pattern gently curving across the top of the hat to give a little movement. A truly original and one-off pillbox.

- a unique hat creation in vibrant shades of orange silk abaca. This exotic piece will 'top' any special occasion outfit.

The headpiece is based on an orange sinamay pillbox held securely in place on the head by hat elastic. It is fully lined in black silk and has a black petersham band on the inner edge of the pillbox.

Silk Abaca is a beautiful fabric made from the finest fibres of abaca (part of the banana palm family native to the Philippines) woven across with fine silk. This piece is hand dyed from Australia. The material requires no stiffening, drapes and twists well forming beautiful curved 'corm' like shapes. This piece has three shades of orange - wrapped around the pillbox is a bright orange and on the top the larger shape in mandarin/gold sits with a smaller 'corm' shape in bronze/orange. A spray of black goose biot feathers spring forward providing contrast in their spikes and movement.

This hat has been part of the Cupola International Hat Designers Exhibition during London Hat Week.


- A black hatinator worn as a side sweep on the right. Trimmed with beautiful pink roses and a pale pink veiling bow.

- Primrose yellow and black pillbox hat decorated with a large sinamay bow. The black sinamay twirl gives movement and spiky black goose biot feathers add height. The pillbox is securely held in place by hat elastic

- A striking and unusual button headpiece trimmed with bright pink silk abaca. This hand blocked piece is made from fosshape, wired and covered in a black and white print pattern fabric. The fabric is dotted with tiny faux sequins. A bright pink silk abaca ruffle adds an outstanding and vivacious trim to add a little frivolity to the piece. The button hat is fully lined in black silk and is held securely on the head with hat elastic. It can be worn on either side of the head.

This hat has been part of the Cupola International Hat Designers Exhibition during London Hat Week


- a gold leather button hat with black leather bow and unusual circular centre piece. The curled black and white striped feather quill adds height and intrigue. The button is hand blocked and sits well forward on the right side of the head, held in place by discreet hat elastic.

An olive green velvet cocktail button hat with cord twist trim. Held on the head with hat elastic.

- Clusters of stunning ombre oranges to creams ribbon flowers adorn this hand blocked sinamay black button hat Black stamens gently quiver in the centre of each blossom and black organza ribbon bows fill the back of the headpiece. A most attractive and unusual headpiece lined in black habotai silk and held firmly on the head with hat elastic.


- This button hat is made from buckram covered in cobalt blue fabric. The fine 'crimped' definition of the fabric is enhanced by the light and moves the colour from bright blues through to black. The hat is dressed with complimentary bows made from bonded fabrics in blues, silver grey and black. The headpiece is held securely in place by hat elastic and is fully lined.

- Simplicity at its best! A beautiful ivory and pink silk flower on a small round sinamay fascinator base. The surrounding ivory veiling springs out all round the flower to offer height and mystery for a headpiece fit for a wedding.

- a stunning fascinator in black and white. A handmade white sinamay rose embellished with pearl beads is surrounded by a sideways cascade of black and white ostrich feathers. This lightweight headpiece is held in place by a comb with the option of hat elastic. The feathers float and waft creating a gentle movemnet to the headpiece. Although the picture shows the cascade falling to the side it could equally well be worn on the top of the head with the feathers cascading down the back of the head.

Heads would be turned if this was worn on a short hairstyle of bright red hair...... go on be daring!


- (Sorry no longer available) A stunning and unusual headpiece in black and white lace set on a black silk abaca crown. There are abstract flowers in poppy red silk abaca and the hat sits comfortaby on the head held securely by hat elastic. Just the sort of hat to be outstanding at the races.

- A hand blocked little sinamay button cocktail hat held in place by hat elastic or comb. The inside is fully lined. A tiny navy sinamay bow with central decorative button holds an upright tassle of frayed sinamay strands. All together a cute little headpiece.

This elegant and fashionable, stunning hatinator is handmade in pink sinamay, edged in black satin and it sits comfortably on the head on a small (4”) circular base. Intrigue and movement is given by the addition of black coque feathers and beautiful fabric flowers where each petal has been hand crafted. The smaller flower has central stamens of floating black crystal cut beads. The hat is held in place on a black satin covered headband. A truer colour is in the small picture below. Sorry this hat is now SOLD.


- Unique - based on a brown sinamay pillbox this delicate flower of sinamay and marabou feathers offers a very pretty feminine headpiece. Held in place with hat elastic. - sorry SOLD

(sorry! SOLD) Stand out in the crowd with this bright pink and black fascinator. Wired black diamond mesh sits on a small sinamay base held in place by hat elastic. The bright pink roses sit one on top and one underneath the twisted mesh brim.

(sorry - this is no longer available) - Worn on the right side of the head and secured on a well fitting alice band this hatinator will complete any outfit in blue, silver grey, black and white. The silver grey sinamay loops have hand rolled edges and curl out from a feathered nest of soft black marabou feathers. A few black coque feathers add movement to this headpiece. This hatinator can also be viewed as a bespoke piece on the next page.


- Sorry - this is SOLD - A bright red wool felt trilby trimmed with black & white striped grosgrain ribbon and with a side embellishment of a black pyramid cockade.

(sorry! SOLD ) This Emerald and navy headpiece will turn any head (maybe even the horses) at a Spring Race meeting or Ladies Day. Easy to wear held in place firmly with hat elastic. Lace covered navy sinamay button trimmed with wonderful swirls of green silk abaca.

- (sorry! SOLD - A most unusual burgundy hatinator trimmed with three matching burgundy peacock swords which extend below the lower edge of the piece. Cupped by 6 sinamay pointed petals is a burst of mixed feathers and beaded strands. All together this headpiece is a unique delight to be seen.


(sorry! SOLD -)- a black and silver headpiece providing you with a glittering entrance to any occasion!The 11“ diameter saucer is held on a hand-blocked black sinamay ‘button’ base which is wired and bound in satin.

The black crocheted ‘fishnet’ saucer is beaded all over with clusters of tiny silver coloured beads. This is stretched across its own circular wired edging also bound in satin. The saucer is stitched onto the base across the crown only allowing the rest to gently bounce at every movement. This causes a delightful twinkle and flash from the silver beads whenever the light catches them. It is decorated with narrow black sinamay loops and a central cluster of more silver beads.

The hat is held on the head by elastic and is made to be worn on the right and well forward. If the saucer covers one eye visibility is perfectly possible through the ‘net’ and wearing it forward in this way provides a seductive intrigue!

- sorry! SOLD Be prepared to be outstanding when wearing this stunning headpiece. A large oval inverted saucer blocked in white sinamay is held firmly in an upright position on a small black button base. There is a large white flower with sprays of tiny headed black and white coque feathers on long shafts. These quiver and move in a gentle breeze or with any body movement. At the back of the hat on top of the button base and supporting the white saucer is a 'puff' of black marabou. For a collage of other views of this headpiece please see the Home page.

- (sorry! SOLD - This stunning headpiece is based on a fuschia pink sinamay pillbox edged in black satin binding and held in place with hat elastic. This is dressed with hand made sinamay lilies of differing sizes and filled with long stemmed gold headed stamens. A black ostrich feather drapes gracefully across the pillbox and, together with the stamens, presents subtle and gentle movement.


A soft pale blue fur felt with a unique design top. The tiny pearls follow the swirls in the crown. Edged with faux fur with elasticated gusset for a cosy fit to the head. Fully lined. Sorry SOLD

An oval sinamay base wrapped in matching magenta silk abaca. A large silk abaca flower provides height and intrigue. This is edged in silvery mauve to match the cluster of stamens in the middle. Sorry SOLD

An olive green circle of rustic style sinamay placed onto several leaf like shapes as the base. Mixed shades of organza in the flowers above and belowand a natural coloured spine curls over the whole piece. Sorry no longer available


- (sorry! SOLD) - A turquoise sinamay pillbox edged with black binding and held in place with hat elastic. A spray of black feathers rise from the simple sinamay bow offering gentle movement and height.

- (sorry! no longer available) - a deep oval pillbox hand blocked in buckram and covered with red velvet. The mottled effect of the velvet is enhanced by light, offering varying shades from bright and light to rich and dark red. This striking and regal piece is trimmed with three layers of binding in black and red. The velvet flower perches to the right front the hat with a soft black ostrich feather providing height and gentle movement. The headpiece is held securely in place by hat elastic and is fully lined.

- (sorry! SOLD ) based on a dark navy pillbox with hat elastic. Ivory sinamay bow and trim, narrow dark navy twirl and an ivory feather mount. An elegant and sophisticated style.


- (sorry! SOLD ) unique feminine FUN! Cranberry sinamay roses surrounded with a pale mauve/grey fine boa feather flutter! Sits on a sinamay base and a narrow silver coloured alice band.

- sorry! SOLD A sophisticated dark navy headpiece with spot veiling. The veiling can be lifted or shortened if preferred. The single sinamay satin edged rose sits on an oval base which is also edged with matching navy binding. The hand blocked base is a comfortable shape and is held in place on an alice band or black hat elastic.


- (sorry! this one is no longer available)- Royal blue 8" sinamay saucer set on a round blue base. Pale turquoise lilies dress the saucer with intricate sprays of pearl beads and blue knotted spiky goose biot feathers quivering in the centre of the lilies. The lilies are drawn together at the base with a blue and turquoise pau shell brooch. The headpiece is held on the head with an alice band.

- (sorry! no longer available) Gentle folds of cerise sinamay filled with handmade organza flowers in delicate shades of cerise, lilac and mauve. The looped sinamay sits on a black round fascinator base which is secured on the head with black hat elastic.

- this is the headpiece to stand out in the crowd! A beautifully hand crafted design. The base is a black sinamay shallow pillbox hat studded with tiny silver beads. The vivid lime green silk abaca drapes magnificently over and around the pillbox and the rear view swirls dramatically mimicking the circular shape of a racecourse!. This piece is held securely on the head with hat elastic.(Sorry, this hat is no longer available)

This hat has been part of the Cupola International Hat Designers Exhibition during London Hat Week.


(sorry - this is no longer available) - a rustic flower headpiece in salmon pink. The wired sinamay petal edges are edged in matching fabric with frayed detail. The centre 'bowl' of the flower is filled with mixed feathers and swirled fabric 'greenery'. The hat sits on a small convex sinamay base to which an alice band is attached. This hat offers a true breath of spring and early summer in its fresh country flower impression.

- (sorry! SOLD ) This cute little sinamay pillbox in pale turquoise is bound with black satin. There is a black marabou feather trim with coils of turquoise and ivory sinamy. The addition of the beautifully realistic fabric apple blossom makes this little piece irresistable!

The pillbox is hand blocked and hand stitched and is held in place by hat elastic. It can be worn on either the right or left of the head easily.

- Charming waved mid brown sinamay freeform hat/hatinator sitting on a small round base and held on the head with an alice band. The headpiece and base are edged in cream satin binding. The central flower can be removed and a different centre piece added. The flower comes with a brooch pin and hairclip already in place so the whole hat has potential to be used in 4 different ways.

Sorry - this is no longer available.


A fun fibre-optic headpiece for your surprise Gala night entrance. This red and black button hat can be operated while on the head to switch on various colours of fibre-optic lights including the mode to have all colours flashing on and off through the evening. Here is a view without the lights on.

Sorry - this is no longer available

(sorry! no longer available ) - a deep round pillbox hand blocked in buckram and covered with jade velour. The ‘ribbed’ markings in the pile of this fabric are enhanced by the light allowing the rich jade colour to shine in all its glory. This piece is trimmed with a coil of twirled fabric round a jade coloured jewelled centre piece. The headpiece is held securely in place by hat elastic and is fully lined.