Bespoke creations

'SALLY' - A freeform sinamay headpiece in cerise pink with centre trim of abstract silk abaca 'flowers' in mauve, pink and deep purple. This unique creation complimented a beautiful dress and bolero in all the shades of purple and deep pinks. Worn by a special wedding guest at a family wedding.

'DIANNE' - A shallow domed hatinator with multi coloured feather trim. Simple elegant shape and trim to match a pretty dress fabric.

'JILL-HAL' - Organza used as an oversized bow offered a simple trim to this hatinator. The light on the sheen reflects all the shades of blue in the beautiful dress.

'CATHY' - a marock brown felt teardrop percher hat adorned with a single curled ostrich quill with goose biot feather twists. This simple and elegant piece was hand made for a visitor to the Anzac Day Remembrance Service in Westminster Abbey.

'GLORIA' - a pretty blue and white fascinator with central ivory gardenia flower and mixed feather surround. Worn with a plain royal blue dress for a lovely mother of the groom.

'SHANNON' - a gunmetal grey silk covered button base with green, silver and pearl wired beaded trim. Stylish headpiece for a mother of the bride to compliment a forest green dress and gunmetal grey suede booties.

'LYDIA' - pretty side worn headpiece designed to be fixed on a comb. These attractive ombre blue wired ribbon flowers were all hand made to wear with the lovely dress for a mother of the groom. Tiny blue glass beads were twisted into silver wire to add height and that extra special gentle movement feature.

'LORNA' - a beautiful bespoke design hatinator for a very special mother of the groom. A wonderful colour match for the outfit with a skirt in the same colour described as 'Tuscan Sun'. The apple blossom trim compliments the ivory jacket to be worn on the wedding day when it can eventually take place after two postponements during the COVID-19 lockdown.

'HUMMINGBIRD' - this unusual headpiece has been described "like fluttering, brightly coloured hummingbirds" so this is the style name! It was designed and hand made to compliment a beautiful navy dress embroidered with multi-coloured flowers. A striking outfit for a mother of the bride.

'THERESA' - a headpiece designed and hand made to compliment a beautiful wedding outfit. French navy sinamay with bronze and navy faceted glass bead trim.

'JANICE' - A very pretty fascinator on a navy sinamay base. The flowers are in silk abaca matching three colours of a beautiful dress worn by a wedding guest. Various feathers complete the delicate trim on this piece.

'DEE' - An ivory pillbox trimmed with large bow loops in silk abaca. A custom design for Royal Ascot 2019.

'ALISON' - A pretty wedding hat to compliment a white dress covered in cascading pink flowers. Such a lovely outfit for a bride as she married amongst the May flowers in her own gardens. A white sinamay button base trimmed with hand made ombre pink, wired ribbon flowers and various shades of pink sinamay leaves.

ANGELA - A lime green, black and white feather 'burst' bespoke made for a special wedding guest. A gentle breeze on the day enhanced the movement of the delicate feathers showing their burst of lime green to compliment her lime green outfit.

'WIN' - An amazing colour match for a mother of the groom's hatinator. Bold royal blue trimmed with ivory, blue and navy feathers. This bespoke piece just completed a lovely ensemble.

'RANDE blue/grey' - A featherburst to match a beautiful wedding outfit. Mixing feather colours to achieve the right blend of colour.

'CRYSTAL' -This is the headpiece to stand out in the crowd! A beautifully hand crafted design. The base is a black sinamay shallow pillbox hat studded with tiny silver beads. The white silk abaca has a fine silver thread woven into it and this enhances the silver beaded base and 'dangles'. A unique design to feature the natural draping effect of this beautiful silk abaca. This piece is held securely on the head with hat elastic.

'KATIE' - a beautiful sinamay hatinator in two shades of pale pink designed for a special wedding guest to compliment her dress. The feather 'burst' is made with hackle, biot and coque feathers in pinks, ivory and dark wine (all colours in her dress). Truly an example of bespoke design for a special lady.

'ALICIA' - a hat was designed to complete an outfit for a wedding guest. The top button shape is covered in the same silk as the bespoke designed jacket. Black open weave sinamay creates a subtle downward curve offering good visibility when the hat is worn well forward. This is edged in matching peacock blue sinamay. A single black curled pheasant quill and a leather lace with dangling matching pearl beads completes the trim. The headpiece is held securely in place with hat elastic.

'RANDE WINE FASCINATOR' - a wine sinamay and feather fascinator for a delightful wedding guest.

'CAROLE FEATHER FASCINATOR' - a delicate mix of feathers including soft, wispy ostrich fronds provided a soft and feminine headdress for a radiant mother of the groom. Gentle sea breezes allowed subtle movement to the feathers during a wonderful wedding set at a beach venue.

'LESLEY SILK ABACA' - Startling colour mix tops a beautiful summer outfit for today's Mother of the Bride. This ivory button base is trimmed with bright orange, turquoise and blue silk abaca bows bringing together the colours of the dress. It is held firmly in place, a little forward over the brow, by hat elastic. A perfect colour match for a very special day.

'MAUREEN' - This hatinator in lagoon coloured sinamay completes a beautiful outfit worn to a Royal Garden Party and a wedding. It is made to wear on the right side of the head and secured on a well fitting alice band. This is hand made and the trim of leaves and feathers add a contrast of ivory with the main lagoon colour.

'MOLLY' - A silk abaca headpiece designed for a young lady to compliment her wedding outfit. Two poppy red silk abaca flowers, trimmed with pearl sprays sit on a black headband. An additional trim of a gently curled red burnt ostrich feather provides balance and a little movement. This bespoke piece sits comfortably on a black headband.

'KATH' - an ice coloured sinamay hatinator designed for Mother of the Bride to compliment her dress and jacket. The feather 'burst' is made of multiple different types of feather comprising all the colours and tones of the outfit and a hint of the bridesmaids' dresses colour as well. Truly an example of bespoke design for a special day.

'CHRISTINE' - a feather fascinator in black, turquoise, purple and cerise made to compliment a colourful dress for a wedding guest. The addition of a few wired diamante add a touch of sparkle. The fascinator sits securely on the head held by a crocodile clip. The picture shows how well the feather colours match the dress fabric.

'ANDREW' - a dark brown wool felt fedora with gold & olive green ribbon trim and peacock feather tuft. The trilby shaped crown adds a twist to the standard fedora shape. Comfortable to wear and resilient to every day wear.

'RUTH' - a headpiece created with navy silk abaca 'lilies' trimmed with oyster pink feathers Worn on a head band to fit securely on the head. A delightful accessory to compliment the mother of the groom outfit also shown.

'FIONA' - a bespoke piece designed for a special Scottish wedding. The tartan silk pillbox is trimmed with green silk abaca and a centrepiece of spiky biot feahers in mixed matching colours and pearl sprays. A unique headpiece for a mother of the groom.

'JULIE' - a feather 'burst' on a hair clip. Ivory with a hint of pink and brown for a mother of the bride to complete a beautiful outfit.

'FRAN' - a mocha coloured sinamay hatinator for a mother of the bride. Trimmed with burnt peacock swords and mixed mocha and champagne feathers held in a 'cup' of sinamay leaves, this hat just tops a beautiful dress and jacket.

'MARI' - A handmade headpiece in red-wine silk abaca. Two silk abaca flowers, trimmed with black and ivory goose biot feathers, rest on a red burnt ostrich feather. This bespoke piece sits comfortably on a black metal headband.

'JUDITH' - A handblocked hatinator in pewter sinamay edged with ivory satin. This bespoke piece is dressed with 3 beautiful silk gardenias which sit amongst ivory biot feathers. The addition of a few ivory coque feathers and sprays of pearls provide delicate height and movement. The hatinator sits securely on the head on a satin covered alice band. This headpiece completes a stunning wedding outfit in grey and ivory.

'TURQUOISE TRIUMPH' - Hand-stitched turquoise sinamay hat, dressed with matching sinamay ribbon twists and a light feather spray.

'YVETTE-LOUISE' - a magenta saucer hat with a difference. The addition of soft hand made organza flowers in magenta, black and cream softens the solid magenta of the saucer and the 3 black stripped ostrich spines extend beyond the circumference. Magenta sinamay leaves with rolled edges cheekily cover the head beneath the hatinator. There is a smaller organza flower under the saucer at the back.

This bespoke hat was designed to match a dress in magenta with a black lace overlay and worn with a cream jacket. The introduction of silver stamens in the centre of the larger flower provide subtle movement.

'ANNABELLE' - A delightful and simple navy feather head piece for a wedding guest. A hint of retro in style, but with a more modern twist, with the nude satin bow encrusted with tiny pearls. The headpiece sits comfortably on the head on a nude covered head band.

'FLAME FANTASIA' - Hand-stitched black-edged flame pink hat, dressed with corkscrew twirls emerging from a black and white speckled ("chinchilla") ostrich feather 'puff'.

'CLAIRE' - simplicity perfected in this attractive satin bow trmmed with diamante. This wedding headpiece is securely fixed onto a satin covered head band. Made to match shoes worn by the guest.

'ROSALIND' - a simple purple sinamay pillbox dressed with toning purple and pale grey feather flowers. The pillbox hat is worn well back on the head suspended from a discreet flat alice band. The headpiece is compact and very light, made to be successfully transported in a suitcase for an autumn wedding in Mediterranean climate. A mother of the bride hat to complement a pretty multicoloured dress in shades of purple, pale grey and ivory.

'FRANCESCA' - this handblocked hatinator completes a beautiful slate blue/grey wedding ensemble for a mother of the bride. The honey neutral sinamay is edged in slate blue/grey silk, which matches the jacket and the three long pheasant feathers mimic the upward line of the crown. The decoration at the base is a cluster of soft individually pretty pheasant shoulder feathers surrounded by the same lace as the wedding outfit dress. A headpiece providing elegance for a country wedding - a totally unique creation.

'IRENE' - an ivory percher with soft curves in a vintage style. Dressed with a cascade of soft silky coffee folds and organza frills this hat completed a charming ensemble for a mother of the bride at an autumn wedding.

'CATHERINE' - a bespoke hatinator in honey/neutral sinamay, edged in kingfisher blue dupion silk with duck egg blue lace motifs hand stitched across the crown and brim. This attractive bespoke piece has a main feature comprising 2 kingfisher blue hackle and goose biot feather mounts either side of a cafe au lait feather flower. Each side of the feathers is a hand crafted abstract flower with petals of bonded silk and matching lace with accents of pearl stamens. A truly unique headpiece for a delightful mother of the groom, completing a superb wedding dress and jacket ensemble.

'LESLEY' - A bridal headpiece of clustered apple blossoms and glass beads held in place on a narrow head band.

'YVETTE-DIANA' - a royal blue saucer hat with a difference. The addition of soft hand made organza flowers in lavender, mauve/cerise and cornflower blue softens the solid blue of the saucer and the 3 stripped ostrich spines, in matching colours, extend beyond the circumference. Blue sinamay leaves with rolled edges cheekily frame the face beneath the hatinator.

This bespoke hat was designed to match a dress in royal blue with streaks of cornflower blue and mauve/cerise. The introduction of bright yellow stamens in the centre of the larger flower provide subtle movement and match the occasional yellow streak in the fabric.


A bespoke pillbox to compliment a wedding outfit. A hand blocked dark biscuit/grey pillbox trimmed with a large sinamay bow on the side. The addition of darker sinamay twists and spiky biot feathers add interest and movement. This smart headpiece is held on the head securely with hat elastic and worn to the side and forward on the head.


A bespoke headpiece for a wedding guest in ivory and black. An 8" diameter flat saucer adds extra height and the black loops surrounding the ivory flower echo the looped design around the high waist line of the customers dress. A striking outfit in black and ivory.

'JOANNA' - Worn on the right side of the head and secured on a well fitting alice band this hatinator will complete any outfit in blue, silver grey, black and white. The silver grey sinamay loops have hand rolled edges and curl out from a nest of soft black marabou feathers. A few black coque feathers add movement to this headpiece.

'BELLE' - A bespoke wedding hat for a mother of the bride matching a beautiful antique gold and grey dupion silk outfit with lace overlaid on the bodice. The antique gold sinamay hatinator was edged in grey silk. The crown was covered in grey silk overlaid with gold lace all hand stitched in place. An abstract flower trim was crafted by bonding both colours of silk into petals with centre accent of fine grey hackle feathers and tiny crystal beads. Gently drifting across the crown were a few grey coque feathers which added subtle movement.

'ANN' - Corduroy high crown peaked cap fully lined. Warm and plenty of room to push hair under on those windy autumn days.

'HAYLEY' - an unusual hatinator to complete a 'mother of the bride' outfit. The free form sinamay shell in burgundy edged with pink satin perfectly matched the shoes and handbag, Filling the centre is a 'posy'of sinamay flowers in ivory, burgundy, and 2 shades of pink which compliment the overall multi-floral theme of the dress.

'LAURA' - A special hat for a visit to The Queen. Hatinator designed to wear with a dress made in the pretty navy print fabric. The matching fabric trim is draped around the hat culminating in a flat bow with vintage red crocheted flowers as a centre piece. This held in place on a wide satin head band.

'YOLANDE' - is an example of a bespoke hatinator made for a wedding guest. It complimented a dress and jacket which had two shades of blue and turquoise on a biscuit and ivory coloured background. The central feather flower in blue/turquoise can be removed and changed for a different colour centre piece to match a different outfit.


This bespoke feather wheel fascinator was made for a mother of the bride to wear with a self coloured royal blue dress. The fascinator provides the extra height requested and a flutter of feathers, yet a soft statement head piece. The central sinamay flower is biscuit coloured matching the customer's shoes and handbag. These petals are surrounded by navy blue sinamay loops. The feather wheel is of cornflower blue coque feathers. Royal blue is introduced as knotted biot feathers attached to each petal and this is complimented with a central blue and pearl bead cluster.

'FRANCES' - for a very special lady. A comfortable black satin band holds a black sinamay fascinator trimmed with mauve coque feathers and a spray of black marabou feathers under sinamay loops. This to match a mauve and black tweed jacket for a wedding.

'KATHRYN' - a stunning 8 panel fabric, fashion 'cap' with miniature peak. On a black background the design shapes in deep pink, purple and turquoise are outlined in an embossed gold detail. The cap is lined in purple and the decorative button on top is of the same deep pink velveteen.

'FELICITY FUN' - a fun feather decoration to twin hair combs for another wedding guest. These complimented a long midnight blue satin skirt and pale grey jacket with fur trimmed collar. One comb was more elaborately dressed with waving pale grey coque feathers, midnight blue curled biot feathers and wired pearls springing from a mini crushed velvet trim. The second comb had a matching trim with a few wired pearls.

'WENDY' - an upward sweeping dish headpiece in royal blue sinamay exactly matched the blue of a mother-of-the-bride outfit. An introduction of a few ivory curled biot feathers and a spray of pearls dress the headpiece and, adding further height, a forward sweeping burnt peacock feather in blue. The feathers and pearls all provide gentle movement and interest. A unique bespoke headpiece to compliment a beautifully crafted outfit.